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Executive Coach


A regular fixture on BBC radio and a respected voice across the media. Kate works with leaders, teams and the next generation of rising stars. Clients include senior executives at Google, The Wellcome Trust, TomTom, BMW Group, McLaren, Rio Tinto, BP, Dow Dupont, BASF, Barclays, BNP Paribas, JP Morgan, Rolls Royce, Oracle and Accenture through to cutting edge start-ups and SMEs. She has also worked with England Women’s Football and various governments at Ministerial level across the world. She is an associate faculty member of the Cambridge University Judge Business School and a Fellow of the RSA. 

As we escape into our increasingly complex, uncertain, data-driven world, we cannot

escape the things that make us stubbornly yet wonderfully human. All business problems

are ultimately human problems, so to solve them and to live to our fullest potential,

requires bringing our IQ and EQ into balance. It is Kate’s mission to enable all of the leaders and teams she works with, whether one-on-one or in groups, to develop the tools they need to unite and lead with humanity and purpose. What we know from experience is that when organisations are united behind genuine and purposeful leaders, they are unstoppable, however uncertain the terrain.

Kate is an experienced Executive Coach, author of The Art of Possible and media contributor. In her coaching practice she mixes conventional and unconventional approaches, underpinned by the latest neuroscience, to help the leaders of today, and tomorrow, overcome fear, embrace their humanity and live to their fullest potential.

Alongside her coaching and writing, Kate is also an advocate and campaigner for change for those growing up, or having grown up, under the shadow of addiction. 

  • Think big, take the first step even if it is very small

(often the first step is the hardest).


  • Keep pursuing, evolving and pushing your boundaries.


  • Mentor someone else and tell someone what you’re up to, it will keep you motivated and on track. 

  • Take some time to reflect on the following;


  • What are you passionate about?

  • If you could solve a world challenge, what would you solve and why?

  • What can you do already to help someone else?

  • What would you tell your younger self? What would your younger self be proud of that you do now or have achieved or overcome?

  • What knowledge and expertise can you pass on to someone else?

  • Is there something that you have often dreamed of but haven’t yet taken the first step?



18 TO 100 Podcast. Co-Hosts Kate Tojeiro and her 18 year old daughter Tabi Tojeiro speak with inspirational, motivational guests about their life, passion and how they overcame challenging times.

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