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Elizabeth Minett is an entrepreneur, previous fashion model and the Founder of the luxury candle line, Cander Paris. Her candle’s have been hailed the “best scented candles” by American Vogue and each scent is uniquely refined and euphorically indulgent. 

At The Legacy Globe we are collectively working alongside each other to leave lasting legacies which will empower future generations. How do you feel that your upbringing has shaped you?


I was brought up in a matriarchal family, where my grandmother was the head of the family and successful in her own right. Her legacy was inherited by her daughters, her grandchildren and even her great grandchildren are equally benefitting. So I have been raised to appreciate the power of women and their role and significance in legacy structures for future generations. I have been taught that each choice that you make in your life will have an effect on the next generation, and to be mindful of long- term collective influence and not just individual gain. 

How did you transition from being a fashion model to creating Cander Paris?


When I was modelling, the fashion industry was very different to how it is now. Models did not hold their own power and career, the agencies and photographers controlled everything. This was a struggle for me at the time, as I felt I was always at the whim of others. Once Facebook and Instagram launched, social media enabled  me to regain my own power and to be able to express myself. I stopped fashion modelling and became an influencer, advertising other brand's products. This inspired me to create my own tangible product. I have always had a sensitivity for fragrance and scented candles and therefore I launched Cander Paris.

Self-expression has always been a motivating force behind my career moves. 

Tell us about your business and what makes it stand out in a competitive market?


Cander Paris fuses old-world savoir faire with new age consciousness. We are a contemporary fragrance brand made by the private label of one of the oldest and finest French candlemakers in the world, Maison Trudon. It is quite rare to find a product made by a historic French candlemaker, with a contemporary aesthetic and vision. Our candles are luxurious and sustainable. As a brand we greatly value sustainability. The wax in our candles does not harm aquatic life; this is an issue which most of the other major luxury candle brands have not yet tackled. Our product is fully recyclable, and in an effort to reduce plastic use, beyond recently removing our stickers, we aim to find a sustainable solution for cellophane which is still required by most large retailers for beauty and fragrance packaging. 

What advice would you share with others who are contemplating starting their own business?


  • Stay focused on the end goal.

  • Expect failures and mistakes.

  • Keep evolving.

  • Always remember why you started. 

  • What does the word legacy mean to you and what legacy do you want to leave?


  • The first word and image that I think of when I hear "legacy" is imprint. Wherever you go, whatever you speak, whatever you create, you leave an imprint in time. My son is really into dinosaurs and we have been learning about fossils, and it is amazing that we can still find and appreciate the marks left by prehistoric creatures. This is what I keep in mind when I consider the mark I will leave in the world - what imprint do I want to leave behind? I want to be an example of tenacity in overcoming failures, of inspiring others, and of being an example of my own person. I want to inspire my future generations to be "better" than I was, more evolved, smarter, and more holistic in scope. Progress and betterment is so important to our future. Constant innovation is exciting and should be part of every legacy.

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