Giorgio Pedrazzani is a London based, Italian entrepreneur, father and the Director of the historic Italian contemporary furniture brand, Tisettanta, Established in 1971. Tisettanta is a leading furniture company which combines the industrial potential of a standard production, with a high quality design.


At The Legacy Globe, we are collectively working alongside each other to leave lasting legacies which will empower future generations. How do you feel that your upbringing has shaped you? What values do you want to pass on to your daughter?


I was born into a family which was led by my grandfather; a self made man who is still thriving and working at the age of 80 years old. My parents have also both consistently worked and chased their own personal goals, so they naturally motivated me to be ambitious and to do the same. At the age of 14 I moved from Italy to the UK to continue my studies in a boarding school, Millfield Senior School, and I believe that those years really shaped me the most. Being away from home gave me the possibility to really understand myself, to find out who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go. I hope that I pass on to my daughter to take nothing for granted. I also want her to know that 

whatever she decides she wants for her future, I will be here to fully support her decision.


You have accomplished so much at the age of 28. Tell us about your luxury furniture brand, Tisettanta?


Tisettanta is a leading company in design and furniture manufacturing; founded in Italy in 1971. My family acquired the company in the 90’s and is still running the business, reaching the third generation of management. The Italian design, from that time an elite culture phenomenon, was finally ready for industrialisation and Tisettanta led the implementation of its facilities, being ready for a mass-production of high quality furniture. Today our market is divided between retail, private residential and contract business, which includes high-end residential and hospitality. 

What do you think is the common denominator of all your clients from around the world?


We sell luxury furniture all over the world and I believe that the interest in luxury is the common denominator of all our clients. Our clients are people who want to live and experience a luxurious space with impeccable design and detail.


How important do you think that it is to give back as part of our legacies?


I think it is incredibly important to give back. For me, volunteering gives me a sense of purpose and giving back to society gives a fulfilling feeling that is unparalleled. It is also a great way to socially network with like minded individuals. 

As an entrepreneur, what motivates and drives you?


First of all I really enjoy my work, for me this is very important to ensure that I am continually motivated. I am also driven by targets and problem solving. As with my personal goals, every year I set clear targets in business and this for me is fundamental and helps me to always be on track. 

What does the word Legacy mean to you? What Legacy do you want to leave?


Legacy to me is continuity, everything that represents us and our actions, achievements. Today, my main legacy is represented by my daughter Allegra. I hope to leave a legacy of innovation and to make a social impact that

will shape future generations.

Final Background