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Louenna Hood is an entrepreneur, highly qualified nanny and maternity nurse. Growing up in Norfolk as the eldest of four siblings, with a natural love for babies and children from a young age, she always knew she wanted to be a nanny. Since graduating from the prestigious Norland College over seventeen years ago, she has worked all over the world for several high profile and royal families.  Each time striving to enrich the lives of the many babies and children she has cared for. In 2020 she created The Louenna App to guide parents through the incredible journey of parenthood. 

At The Legacy Globe, we are collectively working alongside each other to leave lasting legacies which will empower future generations. How do you feel that your upbringing has shaped you?


My three younger brothers and I were very fortunate to have a happy, all round upbringing that led to us being confident adults. Our parents always put us first and were there to guide us in knowing what is right or wrong, they didn’t try to be our friends - they were parents first which I believe is so important and becoming less common as time moves on. 

You graduated from the prestigious Norland College. What differentiates a nanny who has trained there?


Norland Nannies are taught a variety of skills during their training period - it’s a very hands on approach meaning you get lots of hands on experience on placements. The training covers everything from manners and eloquence to cooking, driving and sewing. You are taught how to care for babies as well as children and how important it is to get the best out of every little one you look after in your career, giving them an all-round childhood and upbringing. When I was at Norland we were taught to focus on our imagination and pass this onto children through arts and crafts, reading and lots of other activities.


The most unusual skill I learned was ‘defensive driving,’ which would be used in a situation where weather conditions were bad or if your car was being followed by photographers. 

What questions would you advise a parent to ask when interviewing a nanny?


I get asked this question often and in light of this, have added a Nanny Corner to the Louenna app. Good questions to ask include:


  • Why did you decide to become a nanny?

  • Can you give me examples of how you would plan a day with the children?

  • What are your views on discipline?

  • What are your hobbies outside of work?


I also have a chapter in the app that gives Nannies suggestions of the questions they can ask parents when going for interviews, as it’s important for both parties to be as open as possible with each other and hopefully find the perfect fit. 

Tell us about The Louenna App and your driving force behind launching it?


After working with lots of different families over the years, I wanted to find a way of sharing all the knowledge I have gained as a nanny and maternity nurse, to make other children's childhoods as happy and enjoyable as possible.


From what to buy for your newborn, to feeding, bathing, sleep routines, potty training, language development and so much more - the app is filled with informative information and little tricks and tips alike, to help you, their parents, enjoy raising your family.


Louenna is a fast-growing education company, democratising access to expert childcare. The app offers a subscription app and digital consulting services, guiding parents and caregivers on their journey from pregnancy through the first five years.


The Louenna app is the nanny in your pocket 24/7, with integrated features such as feeding timers, sleep and nappy logs that help parents keep track of this important information all in one place. Parents who want 1:1 guidance can book a digital consultation directly through the app to get personalised advice from my small Bespoke Consultancy team. 

What does the word Legacy mean to you? What Legacy do you want to leave?


I believe legacy is something that is passed down onto future generations. I hope that by creating the Louenna app and giving parents practical advice and reassurance at their fingertips, I will help them enjoy their parenting journey and enrich the lives of their children. Working with so many families over the years in a wide variety of settings has taught me that knowledge is power and should not be taken for granted. Being a parent is the most important job in the world, yet there is no training for it, hence why I created the Louenna app to reach families worldwide and help create happy and thriving children.

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