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Sophie Baron is the Founder of Mamamade, nutrition for infants. She gained valuable experience across continents, growing up in New York, relocating to France and finally moving to the UK to undertake a PhD at the London School of Economics. She launched her business in 2017 after the birth of her daughter as she found that there was a gap in the market for convenience-based baby food that was nourishing and delicious. Mamamade operates as a digital business, driven by AI, and all produce is delivered online via subscription.

At The Legacy Globe we are collectively working alongside each other to create lasting legacies which will empower future generations. How do you feel that your upbringing has shaped you?

I love this purpose and it resonates so deeply. I am one of three daughters raised in the nineties, so 'girl power' was a very strong theme in our house growing up, and I feel compelled to carry on this legacy of raising confident daughters. We were raised understanding that it is a girl's world and that we might just need to make a bit more noise to achieve our goals but that truly, anything is possible to people who dream big and work hard. I also feel very privileged to have had a role model like my mother, who started a successful business in her forties, so from my teenage years, I realised that the choice of family or career is a false construct. There is time for both, if you believe it possible and make it work for you. No one's career path is ever really straightforward. We were encouraged to follow our passions with the faith that we would find our way.

What was the inspiration behind your business Mamamade?

It all started very organically from my own kitchen when my first child was a baby. I was desperate for more support and completely overwhelmed, and none of the brands or resources out there seemed to 'get it.' So I started working on a better convenience product from my kitchen, and connecting with other parents on Instagram, it really took off from there! I love seeing the impact Mamamade has had on my own children and also seeing how we are helping so many families. We have been called a 'lifesaver' quite a few times, and it means so much to know that we are helping alleviate and share the load of parenting to help people feel happier and more fulfilled.

Tech has played a key role in helping your business build a community within your customer base. Where did your passion for tech originate and tell us more about how you are bringing parents together.

I grew up alongside the internet, I distinctly remember the day we got AOL! We moved around a lot when I was younger, and so I have always understood tech as the way to connect us to loved ones and friends, and as a playground for innovation and stretching limits. With Mamamade, we are harnessing the best of what tech can do to help parents by connecting them to the support they deserve.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Someone once stopped me on the street to tell me how much Mamamade saved her and I was completely shocked. I did not realise how impactful our work was until that moment, and now it  is so motivating to keep going and growing so that we can help even more people.

What does the word Legacy mean to you? What Legacy do you want to leave?

I think of Legacy as something we leave behind that the next generations can benefit from and build on. I feel a lot of responsibility to raise my daughter knowing she can do anything and be whoever she wants to be, and to reach out to others with kindness and generosity always! I hope these are values she will learn from the work we are doing at Mamamade!

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